Education Support Services

We offer a range of services in your education journey to support you in unlocking your full academic potential.

Prospective Students

Academic Advising
Navigating the abundance of university information and options available can be a challenge. The PKUC team can provide you with guidance and support to match your skills, qualifications, and interests with the course that fits you. We will help you gain insights into your future career path and refer you to specialist resources and relevant support services.

Application and Enrolment

The PKUC team will work with you on your application for your program of choice and walk you through enrolment, ensuring not a single step or important date is missed.

New Student Orientation
Orientation gives you the chance to meet fellow students and the opportunity to become familiar with the PUC staff and our facilities.  At the beginning of Semester 1 and Semester 2, the PKUC will arrange orientation workshops for all new students and continuing students if they would like a refresher and meet new students. Students will be provided with information about university online platforms, academic workshops, tutorial times, and learn important introductory skills necessary to help students succeed in university.

Current Students

Disability and Equity Services

PUC works with its university partners to provide support for students with diverse needs, including students with a permanent or temporary disability, medical conditions, caring responsibilities, cultural or religious practices, or any other circumstance that may affect your studies.

Support services include:

  • Working with students to identify potential barriers to study and facilitate adjustments

  • Alternative study formats

  • Assistive equipment, software, and technology

  • Alternative assessment and examination formats and conditions

Should you need assistance, please contact us:

Career Services

The PKUC offer a range of networking and career advancement opportunities throughout your studies, including:

  • Workshops

  • Guest lectures with industry leaders

  • Tutorials

  • Student leadership programs

  • Work placement experience

Exam Preparation

The PKUC provides exam invigilation services and facilities for students to undertake their exams.  We also provide workshops and face-to-face customised support for students to help them prepare for their exams.  Workshops are held to provide students with an opportunity to examine the key features of typical writing styles used in exams and strategies to prepare for them.  These workshops will also discuss revision techniques, online quizzes, multiple choice exams, and exam and assignment study tips.

Student Life

The PKUC facilities offer a modern, relaxed environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Enjoy access to:

  • Social events
  • Clean, fully outfitted kitchen and lounge facilities
  • Multifunctional printers to print, scan, and copy
  • Computers
  • High speed internet
  • Video conference facilities
  • Access to livestream lectures
  • Graduation ceremony upon completion of your course (partner university students only)