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Studying with the PUC

At the PUC we support the delivery of a range of university programs in partnership with CQUniversity and Curtin University.

Our courses are delivered in in an online distant mode or a mixed-mode which blends online curriculum, resources and activities together with face-to-face tutorials and workshops provided at one of PUC’s Hubs.

Where relevant, practical placements are also organised by PUC for students within local organisations and industry.

With the PUC you can expand your networks..socially, academically and professionally.

Enrolling in a university degree or course will provide you with access to a range of new contacts.  However, it’s not just your lecturers you’ll meet.  Socially, you’ll enjoy interacting with other students who have common interests.

If you’re a registered student at the Pilbara Universities Centre, you will have more than your student cohort available online, you will interact with students studying a range of disciplines and our friendly and professional staff are also a valuable resource in helping to expand your professional networks in your local area.

Grow and improve your career with PUC.

University opens doors.  In fact, there are many careers you cannot pursue without a university degree.  While you may be able to work in that field, your career trajectory may be limited by not attending university and achieving a degree.  For example, if you wish to study in the mental health sector, you can do this without a degree.  But, if you wish to become a psychologist within the mental health sector, you will need to be certified, a process which includes having a university degree.

Improve your mental health.

Studying a new skill can not only bolster your self-confidence, provide renewed life purpose, and increase productivity, it can also slow cognitive aging!  An article in Harvard Health Publishing goes into greater depth, but just like exercise stimulates our muscles, challenging our mind keeps it healthy.

There has never been a better time to study than now, with the Pilbara Universities Centre in your community and throughout the Pilbara, University study is at your doorstep. 

We are here for You

We are your PUC