Our History

In late 2019, the Federal Minister for Education announced that the Federal Government would invest $24.2M to establish 16 regional study hubs and university centres in 22 locations across Australia.

The Pilbara Regional Study Hub Steering Committee was awarded $3M in seed funding to establish a regional universities centre in Karratha and a smaller study hub in Port Hedland.  Additional seed funding of $550,000 was provided from the Pilbara Development Commission and $450,000 from the City of Karratha. 

In mid-2020, our Port Hedland study hub opened at the Web Business Centre and our state of the art, purpose-built Karratha campus was opened at Level 1, the Quarter. Access to high quality tertiary education facilities and support services had finally arrived in the Pilbara!

In June 2023 we received further federal funding to open our new Campus in Broome to support Kimberley students studying higher education.