Launch of Port Hedland Study Hub

Published on Friday, 1 March 2019 at 12:00:00 AM

The Central Queensland University (CQU) study hub in the WEB Business Hub Port Hedland, has changed hands with the Pilbara Universities Centre (PUC) in March 2019. Prior to this, the CQU Hub was a place dedicated to their students studying online to visit as an alternative study space. This was particularly utilised by their nursing students whom form the majority of CQU’s Pilbara-based student cohort with most residing in Port Hedland to utilise the state-of-the-art facilities at the Pundulmurra campus.

The WEB Business Hub is a space within the Town of Port Hedland that offers flexible co-working areas and meeting and conferencing rooms, and regularly hosts events and workshops aimed to provide local small business and residents with a chance to build upon their skills and knowledge. Currently, Pilbara Universities Centre hold two office spaces for students to work out of as an alternative to study at home or in the library; these spaces are available from 8:30 am-5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

In 2020, PUC aims to improve and grow this location to have a permanent co-ordinator to support students in several capacities (administrative, academic and pastoral support).

Eventually growing to the capacity of providing tutorials and workshops delivered by Pilbara Universities Centre tutors. Currently, students studying in Port Hedland will remain in a full online delivered course with their respective universities and can utilise the space as their own. The difference the change of hands has made is now students from all universities can occupy this space and with the added bonus of having support from Pilbara Universities Centre, who can be reached online or alternatively can be met at the facility; as PUC staff regularly make visits to the WEB to meet with students or to occupy the space for events or work purposes during the year.

If you are looking to utilise these spaces within the WEB Business Hub or interested in becoming a coordinator for the Pilbara Universities Centre please email the team at

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